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Top 6 Benefits Of Yoga

Pursuing spirituality and uniting the body, mind and soul through yoga and meditation are benefits that can be both healthy and therapeutic. Many believe those 3 components of your existence naturally seek harmony and allow you to commune with God. For those who practice yoga with a more pragmatic point of view, yoga can offer substantial physical and mental benefits. Below, you'll find a list of the top 6 benefits that a daily regimen of yoga provides.

Benefit #1: More Flexibility

Yoga's asanas, or poses, are able to penetrate to your joints that may not otherwise receive attention. This helps to eliminate stiffness within your joints and bones. When you first begin, your body may feel tight. However, with practice, the stretching required for many of the asanas will cause your body to grow more limber.

Benefit #2: More Strength

Many of the poses require you to support your body in ways that will probably be foreign to you. Doing so builds strength in the limbs that are supporting your weight. Some poses require you to support yourself on 1 leg. Other poses use 1 arm. Practicing these poses can have a dramatic impact on the strength in those limbs.

Benefit #3: Less Pain

In our culture, millions of people sit at their desk or behind the wheel of their car for hours. This can cause severe back pain. When you're practicing yoga on a daily basis, your body will naturally begin to lose its stiffness, become more limber and stronger. Many yoga poses will strengthen your back and make you less susceptible to the pain.

Benefit #4: Breathe Better

Whether due to weight or habit, most people don't take deep breaths throughout their day. This has a bigger impact than you might imagine. Shallow breaths don't allow your lungs to fully use the air you're breathing. One of yoga's main elements is controlled, deep breathing. By learning to breathe more deeply, you'll allow your body to make better use of the oxygen you're inhaling. As a result, you'll feel better as well as more alert and energized.

Benefit #5: Relieve Stress

We live stressful lives. And each day, the tension mounts. The pressures from work and home can cause our health to falter. Yoga is both physical and mental. The poses you practice require both concentration and stamina. Most yoga enthusiasts claim that their stresses tend to disappear while they're practicing yoga.

Benefit #6: Detoxification

When you practice yoga poses, you're subtly massaging the organs of your body while stretching your muscles and loosening your joints. This helps your blood to flow throughout your body, eliminating harmful toxins. This is one of the reasons why many people who practice yoga look years younger than their actual age.

Better Living Through Daily Yoga

Yoga offers many benefits in addition to those listed above. For example, you'll be able to think more clearly, concentrate more easily and enjoy a heightened awareness of everything around you. Yoga can help you lose unwanted pounds, look more relaxed and tone your body. By doing yoga daily, you can reap the same benefits that other yoga enthusiasts enjoy. Getting started takes no more than a yoga mat, an instructional book or video and 20 minutes of time without interruptions. Try it out for yourself. Yoga can be a great way to exercise while getting the peace you need.