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Learning Foosball Strategies To Win

While playing foosball may first seem haphazard as the ball ricochets wildly across the field, it's actually a game of skill, strategy and precision. Like most games that involve strategy, your ability to compete and ultimately dominate your opponent is within your reach. Skilled players develop foosball strategies that confound and surprise their opponents, all but guaranteeing a victory. In this article, you'll learn a few strategies that the pros use to rule the foosball table.

Defense Through Effective Offense

You may have heard that "the best defense is a good offense." In foosball, that is practically a proverb. Your basic offensive strategy is to strike the ball with force and accuracy. But, doing so effectively means waiting for the right moment to strike. Too often, beginning players excitedly strike early, losing prime opportunities to score. More experienced foosball players know the value of waiting for the right shot.

If you find yourself on the defensive, work to control the ball. Line up foosmen on two of your rods close enough so that the ball cannot pass between them. Don't be tempted to immediately strike back at your opponent's shot. A great offense involves force, precision and the ability to wait before striking.

The Push-Kick Strategy

The Push-Kick strategy can easily catch your opponent off-guard. You accomplish this shot by positioning the ball at the immediate side of one of your foosmen. The crux of this shot is to "push" the ball toward another foosman on the same rod as your pusher. As the ball approaches this second foosman, turn the rod to tilt the man in a striking position. At the moment the ball arrives in front of the second foosman, strike the ball. If you can make this shot with accuracy, your opponent may be unable to prevent you from scoring.

The Bank Shot

In its simplest form, this shot uses one foosman and the wall. It's a powerful scoring shot that should be perfected as part of your foosball strategy. Most players are unable to make bank shots effectively. Some are incapable of measuring the angle needed to score. Others are unable to shoot with accuracy. You'll also find that most of your opponents will be ill-prepared to block these shots. But, a word of warning: learn to block bank shots as well as make them. Many skilled players can consistently aim bank shots to score.

The Push Shot

The Push Shot requires a great deal of finesse. It requires practice to time and aim correctly, but the shot isn't complicated. In essence, this shot is a simple version of the Push-Kick Strategy mentioned above. However, the Push Shot only requires one foosman. Position the ball to the left-front corner of your foosman while the rod is pulled outward. As you push the rod inward, your foosman pushes the ball. The ball should not leave the side of your foosman until you make the shot. As your foosman moves, the ball should work its way slightly in front of your foosman. When your foosman has reached the other side of the table, simply push the ball toward your opponent's goal. The slow, fluid motion of the Push Shot can surprise your opponent and cause him to miss a deflection.

Foosball Strategies Require Practice

Each of the foosball strategies detailed above take practice. Remember, to be a good offensive foosball player, you need to master forceful, accurate shots while knowing when to wait for the right moment to strike. Keep practicing. These strategies seem difficult at first, but get much easier quickly. With enough practice, you may find that you've become a near-unbeatable foosball player (at least, amongst your friends).